What is SMS?

What is the Strategic Market Services Group? How does it differ from other Fidelity National Title offices?

The Strategic Market Services Group (SMS) was formed in 2003 to specifically address and focus on the needs of those commercial clients traditionally under-served by the title industry – the deals 1) competing for attention with the mega transactions in large national commercial offices or 2) confronting lesser commercial expertise in local, high volume residential shops.

Based in Richmond, Virginia, SMS leverages a robust network of resources across the country, partnering with offices, agents and abstractors to return accurate and timely title information to clients. Our team has the history, expertise and efficiency in deftly managing transactions ranging from a single site to portfolios encompassing thousands of sites. Unlike many national commercial offices, we welcome and specialize in providing title information (non-insured products) such as updates, O&E searches, and full title reports, often dating back to patent, as well as handling courtesy recording only projects.

Our group serves commercial lenders (community, regional, national and SBA); the franchise/retail/restaurant segment; the wireless/cell tower industry; the energy and renewables sector; government projects; as well as the needs of our internal company commercial offices.

We understand the need for speed and efficiency in commercial real estate transactions. Our mission is to enable the continued success of our customers, and we take pride in "getting it done" - whether it’s:

  • ensuring our lender client can close that loan on time for their borrower;
  • recording the memorandum of lease in order to activate the tower co-location, expanding cell coverage for a wireless provider’s consumers; or
  • facilitating an expedited due diligence decision around purchasing a portfolio of retail locations.

To guarantee efficiency from the time title is opened to the final delivery of recorded documents and title policies, SMS utilizes smartVIEW, a web-based order entry, product delivery and document repository system. Our clients are granted free access to smartVIEW to open orders, check status, and retrieve information 24/7. We also realize the importance of simplifying and streamlining the process of document review. Our commitments and title reports are delivered electronically with the supporting documents “bookmarked” enabling expedited review and cross-reference between items on the commitment/report and the recorded documents.

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Products & Services

What products and services are offered by FNTIC SMS?

  • Title information products: updates, current owner/O&Es, full search reports
  • Title insurance for all 50 states
  • Closing and Escrow
  • Recording Solutions and Post Closing Projects
  • National Title Information (www.fidelity.ntiweb.com) website providing sample document forms, recording fees/laws/customs for all 50 states)
  • 1031 Exchange & IPEX Tax Deferred Solutions
  • Facilitation of flood certificates, appraisals, surveys, and due diligence reports
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