Strategic Market Services strives to make the real estate transaction process as seamless and expedient as possible for our customers. A fantastic tool which supports the process is our web-based application: smartVIEW.

smartVIEW is a fully secure, 24/7 accessible Internet-based technology utilized by our employees and our clients resulting in a paper-efficient (if not totally paperless) environment.


  • Clients enter orders for any or all products and services we offer and receive an instant email confirmation, noting their order number (no more worrying about whether the fax or email you sent was received).
  • Orders can be searched, viewed and reviewed for up-to-date status.
  • Products are securely posted to the website and simultaneously delivered to the client’s email inbox. If a client is out of the office, his/her colleagues can easily view the product by accessing the website.
  • All email correspondence is conducted within the website – building and providing an electronic history/log of the transaction details to-date (no more worrying about whether someone can answer your question if your assigned point of contact is out of the office).


  • We take our turn-times very seriously. All new orders in and products delivered back are date and time-stamped by the technology (no more worrying about or wondering when your vendor tells you “it’s on its way”).
  • Our workflow is predicated upon keeping our clients as updated as possible regarding the progress of their order(s). Depending on the transaction type, we use and post up to twenty different status designations (no more worrying about having to call just for status).

Document Management

  • The website currently houses more than 18 million documents.
  • Every document related to your real estate transaction is posted to and stored within your order on the website (no more worrying about how to find a copy of your settlement statement, final title policy or recorded instrument two years from now – it will be there for you and your colleagues to access).
  • Ease of review – we electronically package the title products with the supporting documents “bookmarked” for easy access to the deed, easements, etc. referenced in the product (no more wading through hundreds of copies of documents in search of a 50 year old easement – we match it to the item on the report/commitment for you). The result: our customers save time AND money.


  • Multiple participants, in different locations, can electronically access and view the same documents at the same time (reducing or eliminating the need for courier services, printing and copying expense).
  • Through the technology, we can deliver products to multiple parties at the same time (preventing our clients from having to spend time delivering the same to their partners).
  • The participant functionality is completely customizable – the same participant can be defaulted to access all your orders or just one.

Interested in getting access to smartVIEW? Please contact your SMS representative.