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Commercial real estate investments span a wide range of land and property types; from land to buildings, stadiums, colleges, government owned properties, cell sites, restaurant chains and even power and energy project sites.

Strategic Market Services provides innovative title solutions and services managed by specialized teams to facilitate strategic commercial real estate transactions for you in all 50 states.

See below to learn more about our areas of expertise in the commercial real estate services we offer nationwide.

Strategic Market Service’s national footprint, along with our title underwriting and advanced technology, allows us to provide each of our clients with a single point of contact for title/settlement services to streamline site acquisitions, lease and easement purchase transactions, refinance transactions, co-location deployments, and search projects for "everywhere you need to grow."

Wireless / Cell Tower icon

Wireless / Cell Tower

We know wireless real estate transactions

We partner with the wireless industry to provide title and settlement services with the same coverage and speed to market as consumers demand from their wireless networks and data plans. Our title products and services are keeping up with the national 5G network rollouts. We also have deep expertise in the title search and review of small cell sites – and there’s nothing “small” about small cell sites! We work with:

  • Tower companies
  • Carriers
  • Real estate law firms
  • Site acquisition firms
  • Engineering firms

Strategic Transactions we have supported in wireless:

  • Purchase of 5,600 cell tower sites in 43 states
  • Multiple portfolio finance securitization transactions of 500 sites or more
  • Title information on 2,300 cell tower sites in 26 states
  • Multiple acquisitions of portfolios of 100 sites or more
  • Research (title) project on 800 tower sites

Power & Energy icon

Power & Energy

Wind, Solar, Gas & Electric

Sustainable energy initiatives are at an all-time high and the role of the title insurer has never been more important when it comes to the development of successful power and energy projects.

Let us partner with you by providing the following real estate due diligence services:

  • Performing due diligence – searching the rightful owners of land and all matters affecting title
  • Presenting title insurance leasehold policy interests to protect renewable energy sites
  • Recording MOLs (memorandums of lease), easements, agreements, and co-location documents
  • Handling all site surveys

Strategic Transactions we have supported in power & energy:

  • Several hundred acre wind farm fee simple acquisition
  • Multi-site solar farm fee and leasehold acquisition
  • Securitizations on investment portfolios of renewables sites

Franchise / Restaurant / Retail icon

Franchise / Restaurant / Retail

Acquisition, Disposition, & More

Our team of industry professionals offers real estate transaction services in all 50 states to the following retail real estate market sectors:

  • Restaurants
  • Gas stations
  • Retail stores
  • Grocery stores
  • Large box stores
  • Home improvement chains

Services include:

  • Due Diligence - title search services; appraisals; assessments; surveys
  • Lease Review - title search services; national closing and escrow services
  • Development - title search services; Phase 1 reports; assessments; surveys; appraisals
  • Operations - UCC insurance; title search services; SBA Loan closing expertise; recording services (MOLs)

We work with:

  • Franchisors with their own real estate departments
  • Attorneys handling franchise-related transactions
  • Lenders funding franchise deals
  • Real estate developers

Strategic transactions we have supported in franchise/retail:

  • Portfolio of 120 gas stations
  • Project of 100 fast food restaurant locations
  • Refinance of 100 convenience stores
  • Purchase of 80 restaurants
  • Title information on national big box retailer’s 500+ locations
  • Title updates on national restaurant chain’s 750+ locations

Government icon


Specialized Legal Knowledge

Our team understands the nuances of local customs and indexing and brings experience in searching arcane properties including railroad tracts, brownfields, and government owned parcels that often require a search dating back to patent.

As an Approved Central Contractor Registrant we are ready to assist with your real estate title needs. Strategic transactions we have supported for government entities include:

  • US Customs and Border Patrol Communications projects
  • Environmental Protection Agency PA - Superfund site remediation throughout the U.S.
  • Homeland Security – Port of Entry expansion project
  • US Coast Guard - E-911 Project
  • US Army Corps of Engineers - land purchase/condemnation activities throughout the U.S.
  • Department of Transportation - right-of-way projects

Commercial Lenders icon

Commercial Lenders

We understand Small Business is a Big Deal

Whenever you need real estate transaction services for small business or business banking loans, we can help. Coast to coast and border to border, we handle it all. You only need to make one call, to one person, to manage any and all products and services needed to successfully and expediently close your loans.

We support national, regional, and community banks in every state and can effectively fulfill high volumes. Our talented team has a depth of experience in closing commercial refinance and purchase transactions as well as handling cumbersome SBA deals, distressed asset disposition and agricultural loans.