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As your partner in all commercial real estate transactions in all 50 states, our team of professionals offers best-in-class services in title, escrow, closing and post-closing, electronic document delivery and recording.

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Title Insurance

Our Legacy

Title insurance provides evidence of title and insures ownership of real property - the cornerstone to a safe and successful real estate investment. We provide our clients with this peace of mind and assurance throughout all 50 states.

We also provide alternative title search solutions for commercial real estate investments:

  • Non-insured title reports for due diligence to help you determine a real estate investment business decision
  • Large title or ROW search or recording projects for multi-site/multi-state portfolios

Non-Insured Title Products

Has your title company refused search only requests? Have they told you they will only take insurance orders? We recognize the vast need for information only reports especially in due diligence matters and provide non-insured, informational title products ranging from current owner searches to 100+ year or back to patent titles.  Our reports reflect the recorded rightful landowners and all matters affecting title, easements, rights of way (ROW), access, restrictions, liens, judgments, tax information, etc. We are privileged to provide these reports to our customers every single day..  It’s a core part of who we are, and we cover every county and state.

  • Document Retrieval
  • Current Ownership/ Ownership & Encumbrance Reports
  • Title Updates/Bringdowns
  • Full search Reports- scope customized based on customer’s needs


For nearly twenty years, we have specialized in seamlessly facilitating our customers’ securitizations – supporting portfolios ranging from 150 to 6,500 sites.

We provide a single point of contact with end-to-end service, in all fifty states and DC, with title searches/commitments, recording and policy issuance for the lenders.

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Closing & Escrow

Flexibility, Timeliness, Sensitivity

Our closing team offers competent and seamless services detailed below which are all essential for successful real estate transactions. We will manage all aspects of your commercial closing from assistance in title clearing to recording documents and issuing final title insurance policy. Our closing services include the following:

  • Assistance in title clearing and curative
  • Quality control review of all documents
  • Closing statement preparation
  • Fulfillment of deed preparation (when the parties do not have legal representation we work with a nationwide network of attorneys to ensure compliance of local custom and law in preparation of deeds)
  • Scheduling all parties for closing
  • Actual signing/closing appointment
  • Funding and disbursement
  • Escrow (we can assist parties with holding funds in escrows for a variety of purposes)
  • Post-closing / recording

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Recording & Special Projects

Our Services Extend Beyond Just Title Insurance

Our post-closing team completely focuses on and is dedicated to managing and fulfilling the post-closing and recording process of the real estate transaction cycle. We ensure that all documents are timely and properly recorded to ensure our clients’ lien positions. We have in-depth experience in recording requirements and recording fees in all counties in the United States.

We take responsibility for working through rejections. Any documents that are returned by the clerk or recorder (for whatever reason) are reviewed and corrected by our team, in partnership with our clients. Our recording service includes the following:

  • Review documents for meeting recording requirements
  • Calculation of all recording fees, including any transfer taxes if applicable
  • Generation and completion of any required coversheets or transfer forms (limited to those states in which we are allowed to perform as authorized agent)
  • Processing and resolution of any rejections unless deemed fatal (Fatal rejections are those which we cannot fix: smudged notary seal, missing signatures, etc.)
  • Provide customer a weekly report indicating the status of each document and where it is in the recording process, ultimately including the recording information for each document
  • Scanning an electronic copy of the recorded document and delivery of the original
  • Issuance of final title policies upon receipt of required recorded documents

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